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Originally Posted by DiamondDan View Post
How well does the kit for the sidecases reflect? I stuck some cheap strips from Ace Hardware on my cases (R12R), and they reflect light 180* perfectly. Anything that is not aligned with the sight angle doesn't reflect very well. Unfortunately, headlights are several degrees lower than eyes, so the strips are both ugly and ineffective in showing the back of the bike in traffic.
The reflective material shown on my RT cases in the above photo is Scotchlite 5100R if I remember correctly and it is VERY reflective. In most daylight situations it's invisible, but at night it is really bright. I was on my GS following my son on the RT at night once and was actually surprised at how much light that stuff returns from a normal following position. I also had some strips on the sides of the cases for any traffic coming at me from a higher angle than the normal position of behind me in the lane. I wanted to be seen, but not in an over-the-top manner like some of those tractor-trailer rigs that have 1000 lights covering every square inch of the rig, you know? The 3M SOLAS (safety of life at sea) stuff is phenomenally reflective but it doesn't blend with the bike's colors during daylight.

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