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Amen, ClearwaterBMW! I edited your post to fit my situation, but the basic gist is the same.

"as was said above....
because I CAN
because i work 100 hours/week
because i have already planned for and continue to contribute to my retirement

companies like touratech are VERY SUCCESSFUL because there are thousands more like me
folks have been "customizing" all kinds of things since the dawn of time and that surely won't end with OUR generation.

you don't HAVE to farkle any bike if you don't want to
I really don't believe that anyone want to convince a single person to spend the money he or she doesn't want to. I'm well aware that folks have parted with their money in part because they were convinced to do so because of the excitement of others about the purchase of certain products. It isn't that the thread is going to be unpopular because of your initial words it's just that you and I have a different viewpoint. I believe that's what makes the world go round.

does farkling make fiscal sense... HELL NO
have i lost THOUSANDS of dollars farkling all of my previous bikes.... HELL YES
am i sad about that.... NO
will i farkle my NEXT bike... if i'm able... surely YES"

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