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Originally Posted by boatpuller View Post
You gave a fine answer to an odd person. She was probably either a new rider full of excitement (like we all were once) or she strived for a Harley and finally got one, once again making her full of excitement. No need to get tribal and territorial in a case like this back at her. She basically wanted the world to know she was part of the motorcycle community. Just because she is on the wrong side of the tracks from you is no reason to be an ass, as some on here have suggested you should have been.
+ 1

Some people don't have the same social skills. Blurting out statements like "I ride a Harley" might be from excitement or just the way their brain makes connections. No need to be down on it.
Or...think of this scenario, she could have been in the car with family/in laws and was just dying to start up a convo with another rider to get a moment of mental peace. :-)
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