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Ive been riding for about 45 years. A lot of dirt in the beginning (30 years) and then street. Ive learned a few interesting things about braking.

In the dirt, downshifting rapidly while braking will get you into a berm faster than anything else. Do it right and the back wheel will hop as it locks and releases. During this you're hard on the front brake with your nuts up against the tank and your inside foot along side the front tire, ready to plant. Once you're planted, whip the bike over your leg and roll on the gas to get out.

On the street you can engine brake as described above, but I'd limit it to emergency stops. Practice it a bit and then save it for a panic situation. Keep your body upright and hard on the front brake but not so hard as to lock it. It's very effective and can considerably reduce your stopping distance.

In a high-speed street turn, don't downshift as described above. Downshift a gear at a time and DON'T PANIC! Give both brakes a delicate squeeze if you find yourself leaned way over and still way too fast. Delicate is the word. Just a short, gentle one or two second squeeze. It should pull you back into the sweet spot in the curve and get you out with your ass in one piece.

In NJ, there are a number of weird exits off the interstates around here and I've gone into a few way too fast in order to avoid getting tangled up in a knot of people driving badly. It works, but it takes a little practice. A lot of it is paying attention to how everything feels. At least for me.
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