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Originally Posted by Contevita View Post

I noticed that I speed more during the daylight hours and I tend to keep the speed down to the actual speed limit at night.

You really want to pucker up? Ride at night during a rain storm with a cross wind.

At night I slow down and don't out run my lights. For critters it seems the most active times are just before and after dawn or dusk.

My last encounter with a deer (doe) I didn't see her until she had moved, she was already on the fog line on the other side of a two lane highway. She turned sideways and started crossing the road slowly with her nose about 2 feet above the highway moving sideways back and forth with her ears pinned back. She apparently smelled a predator and was following a scent trail -or her fawn. I knew she could see me with my high beams on and I started hitting the brakes pretty hard. She kept coming with her nose still only two feet above the road. I ended up on the other side of my fog line and had the front brakes on so hard I almost lifted the rear tire. When I finally stopped she was about 3 feet from me - I could have reached out and slapped her. THEN she bolted back across the road. Deer are always unpredictable at best. A week later some other rider tagged her a mile away from where I encountered her. Deer sometimes just don't stop - or they bolt when you get close to them. Mixed bag those are...

Rain slows me down even further, plus you can't tell how deep those potholes are when they're filled with water. Those will get your attention in a hurry.

If I have two hours or so riding into the sunrise or sunset - I'll wait for either the sun to come up or go down and then hop on the bike and ride. Having that much glare into "everyone's" eyes makes riding simply dangerous in my opinion.

Adding a pair of high power LEDs tied into my high beam really helps at night.

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