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Originally Posted by k-moe View Post
MotoTex's point of view reminds me of the people who fervently believe that paying federal income tax is voluntary.
First off, what does this have to do with those guys cited in Canada on their bikes? (just thought I'd say it before someone else does)

As for my point of view, I haven't studied the code enough to say one way or the other. Seems like most who take it on don't do well.

Personally, I think that it likely isn't what the founders had in mind. And there is an amendment to the constitution supporting it. Hard to argue with that.

But, there also is the fact that Federal Reserve and the I.R.S. were created essentially at the same time and are both privately run. They are joined at the hip. There is a reason.

One puts money into circulation. The other sucks it out of circulation.

Running it this way helps disguise some of the effects of rampant money creation occurring at a rate that exceeds the expansion of new goods and services.

That's how it seems to work to me anyway. Over my life I've seen the costs of things consistently rise, this means more money has been put in the supply than new stuff has. The result of this is that as the market balances things over time there are rising prices across the board. For example, it takes $100 to buy today what it took $20 to buy in 1975. The supply has expanded four times faster than actual goods and services were able to grow.

The IRS provides a service. Without the IRS, we might experience inflation like Zimbabwe, or Mexico, or any of a number of other nations, all of which this has happened to all the way back to the creation of paper money in China many centuries (millennia?) ago.

This is how the system was designed. Read about Beardsley Ruml who introduced the concept of tax withholding by the employer in the 1940's. He is quoted a number of times being pretty straight-forward about taxes being used for social control and no longer necessary for funding government.

History says the Dollar should follow the pattern other countries experimenting in fiat money have, eventually. IRS or not. There are no long lasting examples of a nation using paper money to be found in the past.

Maybe the future will be different.

Ya place your bets. Ya takes ya chances.

This is The Internet. Confirm for yourself anything you may see while visiting this strange and uncertain land.

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