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Originally Posted by GoGo Gadget View Post
Virginia balanced the budget by reducing spending. Fines for tickets written by the State Police go to the Virginia Literary Fund that goes towards funding the public school system by law. So contrary to the tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorist blog you linked to, Virginia did not write a bunch of tickets in March just to make their budget by June. Do they have targeted weekends where they saturate the roads for a high presence to control traffic? Yep. NHTSA has Federal grant money to offer local cops to help keep the highways safe, so they spend Fed money to do what they cannot afford to do otherwise. Do some small jurisdictions with so little tax revenue depend on ticket revenue? Yep. Those are in the minority. I had local riders accuse me of just being a revenuer for the county. So I looked it up. My county gets less than 1/3 of 1% of its' revenue from all court fines, not just traffic tickets, but all court fines. So they would not even notice if we wrote 30% fewer or more tickets. There is absolutely no push to write tickets for revenue. If you are working one of the NHTSA grants, they want you to write tickets to prove you are working, and not sleeping. But as far as those stat go, a warning and a cite are both stats. So 20 warning and 20 tickets both prove you are working and not fucking off at the coffee shop.

So no, most cops don't give a shit how much revenue comes from tickets as it does not affect us. We do care about how safe the roads are. We do care about how safe the neighborhoods are. We do care about how much crime is reduced. We do care about how well we are doing our job, because that is why we took this job. And no, I don't care that you probably don't believe anything I just typed.
Of course not "most." But we should all be aware of the abuses; just as in other fields, abusive practices tarnish all. I believe that most LEOs are good folks; I don't believe they do as much as they could to weed out the arseholes. So we get this...
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