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This is not a sportbike.....

My bike:

What happened:

The past few days I have noticed a few things. First, it has been cooler in the mornings. And, I put the windshield on, which I seldom use, does really change the way the bike feels. I seemed to be riding about 10mph faster than normal. I was working hard to get that under control...not easy, kinda enjoyed it. Second, my throttle has been a bit sticky over the past little while. Tried real hard to adjust good, replacements are on order as of today. All of this leads to.....

Heading to work on Friday morning, in the dark, with windshield installed and sticky throttle, came into a right hander a bit hotter than I expected. Popped the clutch, a bit of engine braking, got on the binders, countersteered for all I was worth, which resulted in:


The brace for the right footboard dragged a bit along with a bit of the frame. There is a dip there as the paving from one road joins to the other.

I didn't go down. But, as the footboard folded I wound up no place for my right foot. The asphalt grabbed the toe of my boot and pulled my foot backwards. (Shout out for Foxhead Comp S boots. Tough boots. No signs of wear or damage at all....amazing!!!!) Slight bruise on my ankle from the boot top.

The next thing I need to do....clean my seat. Seems it has gotten a bit , um, soiled!?!! Geez, this type of thing hasn't happened in quite a few years. Just goes to show that regardless of experience you too can have a "gotcha" moment. How pathetic am I that I didn't pay more attention than I did?

After years of riding sport bikes, I have been sharpening the boards on my Road King on nearly a daily basis. I really love this bike. Just gotta keep the speed down and pay attention to road surfaces. This was the closest to a get off I have had in a, was I nervy on the way home.
Because it is my bike and I like it that way!
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