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Rule #5 (10 things I've Learned from 10 Crashes)

5. Itís Always Your Fault, No Matter What
Hereís the thing about riding a bike: youíre taking your life into your own hands. Thereís no steel safety cage, no airbags, no crumple zone, its just you and your wits against the world. If you ask me, thatís what makes riding so great, but it also means you need to make a fundamental shift in your thinking. It doesnít matter what it says on the police report or the insurance papers or that the teenage chick was texting her boyfriend when she hit you; all that matters is she hit you. And you could have prevented it, you needed to, itís your life, not hers.

So go out there and actively take your own life into your own hands. No excuses. Someone hit you from behind at a stop light? Why werenít you flashing your brake lights? Why didnít you slow down early to bring them to a controlled stop? Why were you stopped in the lane and not on the margin?

Car turn left in front of you? Why didnít you see it coming? Why couldnít you brake harder? Why werenít you more visible?

You have the tools to ride safely, itís up to you to use them. No one else is going to do it for you.

ďWatch out for everything bigger than you, they have the "right of weight"
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