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Originally Posted by SilkMoneyLove View Post
I also picked up a belt with handles for my daughter to hang on to. Much better than just trying to grab my jacket.
ALL: I tried the belt with the handles and didn't like it. I didn't like not knowing if the kid was actually hanging on. So the kid in the pic has his paws in the rider's vest. The rider might have some confidence that the kid is hanging on. I preferred to have the kid's paws under my belt. I would loosen the belt one notch and have the kid get his fingers in there and tighten up the belt again. If the kid pulled a hand off the belt, I knew it right away. Now that I have a Stich, I carry an extra belt for a pillion.

Also, when I carry a pillion of any age, I have a backrest or sissy bar or top case or something back there as a catch-all for idiot pillions. For little kids like that, I like to put 'em in front of me. they see better and like the ride more. And I have 'em where I can tell what they are doing.

So. there is plenty of 'fail' in the photo. But I am not about to tell a parent what to do if I do not have to. But I will ask a parent to explain to me the thinking of risk management about such stuff.
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