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Originally Posted by Fajita Dave View Post
Pirelli wasn't forced to change tires; they just didn't have a choice unless you want to see exploding tires in every race.

It seems to me that all of the other manufactures need to get off their ass and start creating solutions to their problems (like Red Bull does) instead of bitching and complaining (which RB also does). Red Bull started the season with a good car but they had some close competition to deal with. In a few short weeks they seemed to sort out the performance issues and once again have the car to beat. I'm pretty sure that's how it would be even if the new tires didn't favor them.

It was the same way when the double diffuser was banned. Red Bull didn't have the fastest car at the first race. However, their engineers and money designed pieces to make a faster car (imagine that concept in F1).

I thought designing the fastest car possible within the rules is what F1 is all about. I'm a Mercedes fan but this is racing.... and Red Bull is winning for a reason.....

I'm just tired of people bitching about the fastest car winning instead of bitching about why their favorite team sucks so damn badly.
Pirelli was indeed forced to change the tires. Left to themselves, they would not have made the switch.

One cannot speculate as to how competitive Red Bull would have been late in the season on the old tires. There's no evidence either way.

Designing cars within the rules is indeed the goal. Arguably, over the years Red Bull have won while not doing that. I hope Mark Webber spills the beans once he's no longer obligated to keep their dark secrets.

I think it's wide of the mark to suggest the other teams aren't working their butts off to improve their cars -- either this year's or next year's. The difference between them and Red Bull is two-fold.

One, Adrian Newey is without question the best designer in F1, and he has been for quite some time. And two, Red Bull spend much more money than everyone else. Money allows you to waste time exploring different ideas. Other teams cannot afford to waste precious manpower on potential dead ends. Red Bull can. They just hire more people and spend more money.

There's no disgrace in that. I support Ferrari and that used to be them, the richest team in F. Now it's Red Bull. But money isn't hard work, it's money. Nasty, fizzy caffeinated beverage money.

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