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Originally Posted by DAKEZ View Post
Agreed... But I put the number at 98%. (could have been/should have been avoided)

I wouldn't want to be confused with those 1%'rs

I wonder if they would take offense if we wore 2% patches?
Yeh not all
Most of mine could have been prevented
Except for the one that took
Off from a park position
Across 3 lanes of traffic
Sideways in front of me.
I just took off from a set
Of lights, so was going slowly.
Smashed front end.
Coppers would not book him
He said someone sideswiped him
He took off to chase.
But the sideswipe fucked his steering
Still see red and that was 35 years ago.
But the rest yep, most my fault.
The rest could have been avoided.

Oh I went over his car got up
Punched out his window.
He stayed in the car
Lucky for me.
He was built like a brick shit house.
I would have been double smashed.
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