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I traded a GSX600r in on the Road I know about lean angle. While they are not nearly in the same league, I am genuinely surprised by the amount of lean angle the Harley Touring bikes do have. It is far greater than the more boulevard oriented bikes.

All that said, I had used up my "normal" lean angle and my reserve. Now, it was down to hard parts. I readily admit my error(s). I readily admit that I DO know better, but, for the reasons mentioned above...I nearly lost it. I didn't, but whooooweee it was exciting there for a couple of seconds.

Another thing I noticed, was that the Dunlops, which I don't really like, held. They didn't slide or lose traction in any way. I was amazed. I had convinced myself that they weren't truly up to the task, but I was wrong. They ain't that bad. Still not my favorites. Next set will be different.

I believe that a LOT of people crash due to a lack of practice, experience, and trust. They don't ride very often and then they ride beyond their skill level. They don't ride off to practice certain skills to make sure that when something goes wrong they can handle it. They only ride on the weekends/nice days and not very often at that. I see many people on the weekends duck walking it through intersections or letting their feet drag at low speed. Further, their experience is so limited they don't trust their equipment. Let the bike do its job. Quite often it will save you. There is no substitute for experience....i.e. mileage. To get better, ride a lot more under a variety of circumstances.

I see guys on Harley's that seem scared to death inching around in parking lots being real tentative. I see guys on sportbikes who should be scared, but aren't. There just isn't a substitute for mileage and a willingness to become a better rider. Learn from our mistakes without defending ourselves. I am not perfect (see above), but I can learn.
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