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I posted earlier that my two sons ended up as pro roadracers after a brief period in the street. Maybe what I didn't post is more relevant.

Both totaled their first street bikes shortly after getting them. One slid off a country road late at night and the bike hit a tree. Thankfully he missed it. The second lowsided during a track day and the bike endoed after leaving the track.

They both also wrecked their first cars. I must say, the second was struck from the side at a 4 way stop, and drove into a ditch after contact. The first son rear ended a car while driving his truck in the city.

My family auto insurance topped out at about $8000/year not long after. It stayed up there a long time too.

No other accidents and maybe two tickets, one defended successfully. I had a couple tix, though.

Despite this report, both sons turned out quite responsible. One is a young software engineer in San Francisco, and the youngest is a budding portfolio manager for a Wall Street firm. They both still race dirt bikes as a hobby. They'll probably do that till they can't.

My point is, new drivers are often a hazard to themselves and others during the early going. That is why their insurance rates are so high. Putting them on a street bike only raises the stakes.

But who am I to lecture. I bought them their first street bikes. I am just glad they took it to the track instead.
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