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Fabulous update! I know it's tough to keep up your high standards of writing and photography but let me tell you they are greatly appreciated. This is an epic story....the first trip ended by a wreck that destroyed the bike but left you two unhurt....returning home broken but unbowed.....and then the long process to rebuild the bike.....hold on to your relationship.....and then start out on "part 2"! It's an amazing, inspiring story. Others have written of the kindnesses and friendships they've encountered along the road, but few, if any, I'd venture, have captured the essence of those experiences in such a lucid, insightful way. Thanks! I'm guessing you're either on your way to Portugal or are already there hunkering down for the winter. Hope your ride over from Vienna was (is) smooth but fun. Hope the bike's been cured of its ills. If you haven't hit France yet, and your route takes you near Grasse, the Gorge du Verdon is an awesome piece of road/views. Eagerly awaiting the next update!
Thank you for your kind words, I appreciate your enjoyment. Writing everything gets annoying at times but knowing that somebody is actually reading it, puts a smile on my face and makes it worth it.
The road has definitely been bumpy at times but this is truly the most incredible experience I could ever imagine living.
We are currently in the South of France and I love it. Rocky does also, because all of the women here are super sexy. We rode to Gorge du Verdon a couple of days ago. The roads got a little bit scary at times but the view was breathtaking.
We should be in Portugal in the next few weeks. Hopefully with some time to relax, we will be able can catch up on our ride report quickly.
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