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Originally Posted by alii1959 View Post

The brace for the right footboard dragged a bit along with a bit of the frame. There is a dip there as the paving from one road joins to the other.

I didn't go down.
I did, on my CB650. A corner almost right in front of my house, I had taken it a thousand times. One time, just a little hotter than normal, hit that dip and next thing I knew I was sitting on the ground watching my bike slide across the street. It was my second get off in a week, so I stopped riding for the rest of the summer. (about a month)

I had my Road Glide down on the Dragon and ground off about 3/8" rom my right side floorboard. The guy behind me said he could hear me grinding. I think the kickstand touches down first on the other side, so I don't push it so hard on that side.

One thing I do when I ride that bike fast is I point my toes out and down a little so that they act as curb feelers and when I feel my foot touch I know that the bike is not far from touching.
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