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Morning looks good. I slept like a baby.

Perfect sleeping weather.

I got all my stuff packed in under 15 minutes.

Where are my keys?

I can't find them anywhere.

Oh shit.

I have a spare set, but I'm not gonna go there because then they become my only set.

I unpack everything.

Whew! Packed in the tent!

I guess this explains the lack of Grail seekers.

The road.

Lots of smoke in the valley..

Ah, to be on the little DR350. Perhaps another trip..

At this point I'm basically just standing around in the road and enjoying the Zen.

I think I stopped a couple of times for pictures. I really don't remember as it was just a mellow and relaxed no-worries morning on the bike.


Riders be ridin'..

I probably could have taken a nap right here an hour ago and been okay, but traffic is picking up.

Time for breakfast in Eureka.. The waitress collapsed we couple of patrons thought at first she was having a heart attack or something by the way she was clutching her 20-ish year old chest. As the situation developed I figured it was more a case of hangover and morning sickness. Breakfast was good and no I didn't get a discount for rendering assistance.

Maybe next time I'll try this place..

Back on the road..

The road to Hell is paved...
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