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6/12/13- Wednesday. I was up at 3AM, added the oil and the indicator on the dash is gone. Dressed up warm and headed south. Weather should be great today, dry and warm. Yeh...
I fast rode the 440 miles gravel road….great condition, gravel is dry packed and no mud to be found . I stopped at 6am, prepared coffee at the side of the road and continued to the Atigan pass. On the gravel the ABS is disabled so the braking is much better, before Coldfoot a Cow (female moose) jumped into the road, I swerved quickly without breaking. I was terrifying… She could have turn back to the side she came from but likely she continued. It was a close call. I wasn't riding fast but on the gravel the breaking distance is much longer than paved. Phew...
I stopped at the hotspot again for a burger and told the lady I should have listen to her…. We laughed. On the way to Fairbanks, I saw a wolf on the side of the road. He was frighten, beautiful fur, light purple color. I continued to Dan's house to change the oil. Dan first washed the bike for good 20 minutes, than we washed my suit and the boots from the dust and the mud. He changed the oil and we said goodbye. I come back to the campground at 11pm, setup the tent with my “friends” the mosquitos and crushed for the night. One comment on my gear, I use the KLIM jacket and pants, there are waterproof gear so no need for rain gear. In addition the adventure boots are 100% waterproof. The gear kept me dry entire trip through snow, rain, and mud.

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