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Originally Posted by kwisn View Post
What if we ride different loops but similar miles. Mine takes 3 hrs. to go 10 miles. How does that figure into your argument?

(and no, it's not because I keep falling down.)
Time is irrelevant...distance is distance, and the only part of the equation that makes a difference. Time is a variable that is deeply influenced by rider ability and bike ability.

If we do as you think, and base % on time in woods vs. time on road, I could ride 90 road miles and 10 dirt miles and still have a 10% road/90% dirt day just because I never took my bike out of 1st gear, and rode the dirt with my feet paddling all day.

Or I could ride with a buddy all day...same roads and trails...I finish quicker, so his % of dirt riding is higher?? Nope, he just rode slower...but the amount of dirt/road was the same for both of us.
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