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The humidity has been stifling, bringing on one sleepless night followed by the next. I have struggled to fall asleep until the early morning since arriving on the mainland of Mexico.
Today was much of the same, a long time in the saddle with a surf to break up the constant humming of the engine and wash the salt from my body with some salt of the ocean.
Morning started with the ritual of reloading the bike, checking the oil, chain tension and pushing that magic button with crossed fingers. Of cause Mr Olympia fired right up and we where passing though Acapulco before I had even fully woken up. While making our way though this wretched place, a couple of quintessential crooked cops followed me for a couple of km's only to pull me over where they thought it quiet enough. I guess their logic being if I decided to kick up a fuss and cause a scene there would be no one around to witness the ensuing red faced yelling. Of cause I knew what game these two swines where playing as soon as I saw their bacon buggy following me. So with the flashing blue, I pulled over, and to my surprise so did a taxi, now the officers of the law started looking a little irritated. One shuffles hurriedly over to the taxi, the other one shakes my hand and tells me I ran a red light. Which is true if he is talking about since first starting this ride up in Canada. I have zipped though a few when no one is around. But today, Seņor piggy? No way! As I am telling him this the taxi speeds off just as another car pulls up on the opposite side of the road and starts taking pictures, with flash firing. The cops start freaking out at this guy and he yells something at them which causing him to speed off. Now the two cops are yelling at each other and run back to their car to take off in hot pursuit of the happy snapper. I am sitting there thinking what the fuck just happened, but don't really care to find out, so I fire up Olympia only to run the first red I see. I figure if I am going to get a fine anyway, it might as well be for breaking the strong arm of the law, not for sitting still in this Godforsaken humidity.

A couple of hours on and I pull into a motorcycle mechanics to get a spoke replaced. Well I could not have picked a worst shop to stop at. Four hours later, after having taken the wheel out of the bike, tire off, chainring off, and watching them put a spoke way to long in, to the point where there is a bunch of puncture producing evil sticking though the rim. I decided to politely pull the pin on this sordid affair. Cut out the tube harpoon and slap everything back together and boogie the hell out of there.
Every other motorcycle Mechanic I have stopped at in Mexico has been amazing! So finding one not so skilled was bound to happen eventually.

However the day was getting on so I zipped into a beach, to surf some onshore slop, wash the grime and grease off and relax for a while. Although it is hard to do when your constantly sweating and mosquitos are buzzing around you like little fighter planes.

So it was back on Mr Olympia south bound. Twisting and turning though some beautiful country side. Looking at the clouds ahead, clouds which are teasing to rain, then what is this? A rain drop on my visor, another one, then boom! the skys open up! I am so happy to be cooled down I start laughing hysterically. The rain feels like little needles hitting my skin, the visor fogs slightly, I am soaked, I am filled with joy!
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