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950SE SAS venting

I apologize, did a search but could not find it. just purchased a replacement 2009 950SE with akras with db inserts on and all smog crap on bike.
I had my first taste of hydraloc while unloading bike from truck, bike tipped over to its left when ramp slid under me , leaving me holding the bike balanced between the side of the bed and what was left of the ramp holding the bike from falling to the floor for more than 40 minutes till a friend arrived and helped me lift and unload the bike. Talk about a closed one, my back, my arms are still sore for saving the bike from doing damage to either truck or bike. Not a scratch on the bike and no damage to toyota tacoma.
When bike tipped over, the bike filled its cylinders with gas since i had not closed the petcocks so experience was starter locked up. rocking bike in 6th gear backwards finally allowed bike to sputter and start.
SO as priority one now that i already installed the kickstand relocator is to remove the smog emissions.
Funny on my previous 950SE had all emmisions removed by previous owner, so i did not pay attention on how the vent lines where routed.

SO it is actually pictures of the vent lines and how they are routed and if you install a one way vent or leave them "open"
is front hose 11" and rear 10"
I also ordered 3 ktm swingarm caps to cover the three holes left when removing the breather hoses from the airbox per a fellow adv'er stating the fit fine on holes and i dont want the " epoxy look"

Feels fine to have an addiction of orange crush
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