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Originally Posted by beendog View Post
If it's only 1mph difference, then who gives a crap. If it's a 10-15mph difference, then it's far more critical...
There are an amazing about of factors that would have to be included, surface, tire temp, lean angle, speed, acceleration (either positive or negative) The long and the short of it is that max traction actually works out to 1G in any direction,if you exceed that it starts to slip, and dynamic friction is less than static so that tends to be a downward spiral.

That being said I've had issues when I had to chop the throttle and it started pushing the front quickly, you have more time to recover the faster you are going, so at track speeds its sort of "meh, I pushed the front a bit"....on the street it will get your attention.

Its WAY more than 1mph though.
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Show folks something with a clutch and carburetor, and it's like teaching a baboon to use a Macbook.
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