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Originally Posted by beendog View Post
..........How much "Extra" margin does being on the throttle give you is what I am asking. If it's only 1mph difference, then who gives a crap. If it's a 10-15mph difference, then it's far more critical...
It has been great discussing these things with you, Beendog !!!
I feel, however, that we have hijacked this thread big time, .....and maybe someone will soon come to complain.

Your last question is very interesting, but I don't know the proper response.
Most racers don't calculate these things and find the limits via successive tests that start at a conservative point (plenty of safety margin).

For reasons that I don't understand clearly, I feel the bike much more stable under moderate acceleration.
I have created the habit of extending the straight entry line as much as practical, fully releasing the brakes when entry speed feels safe, then quick-flicking the bike (I feel that I ask a lot from the front patch with that maneuver), then opening the throttle and going for the visible apex trying to keep a constant radius, clamped under-body, distant view and very gentle hold of the handle-bar with my inside arm-hand.
That way I stay away from extreme lean angles and tighter radius as much as possible.

I am not a super-fast rider, but pushing the limits I have tucked the front once and crashed and know that that it is much less fun than sliding the rear tire.
Overwhelming the front tire on a turn is basically a riding mistake from which is almost impossible to recover.

I recommend you reading this recent article posted by a proficient racer and coach:
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