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HI All,

I'm sorry I didn't even know more people were posting questions...usually I'm notified via email. Anyway let me post up some answers...

Originally Posted by Hessian42 View Post
Awesome idea/product!
How many times can either units be charged and discharged? in other words what is the lifespan of the units before the batteries won't hold a 100% charge anymore?
The rated cycles for this type of lithium polymer is 1000 cycles, but a cycle is full discharge and full recharge, not just running it down a bar or two and recharging. If you keep ANY battery higher in the SOC (state of charge) more often you get longer life. Rated at 1000 cycles we expect a life of roughly 3-4 years using it every couple days or so to do some basic charging. If you only use it once in a while I assume 5 years or more...

Where does one find the coupon code?
It's "adventure" it won't ever change.

I will wait for the new case to be built. send me an email when you start selling them. thanks
The XP3 will have it's own case in about a month... but if you want one from the Xp1 we can get you one for the cost of shipping. I have about 5. It is a little bigger than the new one but you can put other stuff in it if you choose.

Case-Schmase... we want the HD SAE connectors.
I get the samples Wed or Thurs.... I can get you one of those and the Harness on Friday if you want.. The production run will take another couple weeks... I usually get 6 pieces of the samples.

The smallest, lightest and most POWERFUL batteries
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