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Originally Posted by loph917 View Post
if we are going to use it for adventure travels (i certainly will) how should we go about water proofing the unit? keep it in a ziploc bag within it's case? obviously will avoid full immersion into water but you know ... stuff happens (no, that is not me!)!
I would suggest a double zip lock baggie. We looked at waterproofing it but there are too many ports and the tooling for a waterproof case is MAJOR.

But.......... it just so happens that we are introducing our latest product...

It is the worlds smallest most powerful battery and no one in the industry has anything to compare to it. It is called the XPS "EXTREME POWER SERIES" line of batteries (2 models) ... So we taken our smallest battery case and filled it with pure, unadulterated awesomesness of power! We call it the SC-1 and it is 4" inches long x 1.25" inches thick x 3.25" inches tall...

It looks like our original 4-Cell but it can actually start V8-trucks and also does 1200cc Twins very easily... and its WATERPROOF (or more correctly said water tight) So you can submerge it with no ill effect. It can also hold a charge for close to a year.

It is NOT meant to be a replacement battery for an adventrure bike... the capacity is too small... what it IS meant to be is a redundant safety battery. Meaning you stick it on the bike somewhere or in your pannier (not connected) and have a back up available to flip your bike no matter where you are. At 13 oz and being so small there is NO reason why anyone should not carry this in there truck, car, bike or whatever. The cool thing is that it is lifepo4 so you can leave it connected as the emergency battery if you ever to have to get back to civilization. We will have a kit for it soon that allows you to just plug it in to a Micro-Start Harness to do the jump starting if needed.

So you understand the SC-1 is LIFEPO4 based which is safe to leave attached to your bike or car if you have to use it as a regular battery.... the Micro-Start is Lithium Polymer and CANNOT and SHOULD NEVER be left attached to your vehicle after it jump starts it.

YOu can get info here, (webpage not completely active yet... can't order yet)

Check the video below...


The smallest, lightest and most POWERFUL batteries

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