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I recently installed Vibrantors -
into my handlebars and damn does these things work great to further smooth out the grips on a DR.

I mounted 1 side 1st to test and you can really fell the vibration levels through the grips go down. I have Protaper SE alum. bars. It's not like the DR is a paint shaker like a KTM 640 motor, but every bit of smoothness helps IMO.

I mounted both and then the next day went for a long ride and it was indeed smoother and more comfortable. Not inline 4 smooth, that's impossible as it's still a thumper, but smoother enough to be worth the cost.

These things are mounted inside bar via different methods and work to counter-act the vibration in the bar. I have alum. guards so i replace the end bolt with a 10mm longer one and lock-tited the vibranator to the end of that. The whole thing went inside the bar and bolted down normally.

Since protaper bars are slightly thicker than the normal alum. opening hole size, they are drilled to that size but only so deep. I need to pull out my largest drill bit and drill a bit deeper inwards so the Vibranator could fit in deeper inside the bar.

I'm an extremely satisfied customer!
I plan to upgrade to the vibration reducing grips this winter and this should help even more. I've used Spider Grips before on my KLR and love em.

It's still a thumper in the end, but the technology is out there to reduce vibs as much as possible
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