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Originally Posted by johmarq View Post
Hi Guys

I just picked up this old girl for $500

She's a 1981 XV1000, pretty much the same as the TR1 or XV920
After a freeing up the seized clutch and front calipers,
and cleaning out the solid gunk in the carbs she starts and rides good.

The motor sounds sweet, gears change smooth,I'm pretty lucky I guess!

I'm gonna need a complete exhaust system, the one on it is more rust then metal!

I'm in Australia, this is a pretty rare bike here so the chances of finding an original exhaust is slim.
Also there's no aftermarket pipes available here so I would have to ship one it from the US or UK,
Shipping will be expensive!

I was wondering if one from a Virago would fit. Year? Model?

Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated.
If importing is that expensive you might try sourcing from a local pipe wizard who could whip something up for you. You might be able to use parts of the Virago setup, but the important part is the tail pipe and I think the shaft drive bike has more room for a larger collector that the chain drive bike does not utilize, thus hampering the fit of the shaft drive exhaust system onto the chain drive bike. I do not have personal experience trying to make this fit, understand.

If importing, I'd consider the stainless one from Gazbike in Wales over the MAC that will eventually rust out, unless you pay to have the MAC ceramic-coated for longevity.
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