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I left my dad's house at about 4 or 5 am and was heading home. I was already out on long featureless stretches of country road when flashing lights in my mirror said law enforcement so I pulled over. Gloves off, glasses off, helmet off, earplugs out, and the officer is there beside me to tell my my taillight is out. He advised me to leave a turn signal on until I got to a nearby 24-hour gas station where I was able to buy a 1157 bulb at a gas station.

But at the gas station I didn't have my glasses with the black frames and $450.00 polycarbonate safety bifocal lenses. I can see OK without my glasses; no restriction on my license or anything. But the glasses make reading easier and everything sharper.

I looked at my GPS and could zoom in enough to see where I pulled over. Ha -- but is it accurate at all? I went back and turned around and went to where the GPS had turned off (with the ignition) and THERE WERE MY BLACK FRAMES WITH THE $450.00 polycarbonate safety bifocal lenses. They were laying in the black roadside gravel.

I added a supplementary LED taillight to that bike too.

Zenni Optical...
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