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Just like Amsterdam said Alexandra smiling as she rearranged the flowers on the table of our beachfront condo in the sleepy little village of Zipolite.

-"You might notice a certain familiar smell in the air, and don’t be too alarmed if your neighbour comes knocking wanting to borrow a cup of sugar, wearing just a towel around their neck"

From Oaxaca we took the 175, and covered the 260 km or so of twisties in about 6 hours. We had been forewarned that the hurricanes had recently washed out the road on a few places and they had not completely repaired the damage.

- Be conscious of “ojos” large pothole, said Emilio the kind owner of hostal El Quijote as he waived us goodbye.

Some of the sections were indeed pretty torn up, but it looked worst then it really was.

The great news was no trucks or buses, and even little car traffic. Indeed the hurricanes have done a number on the sinuous road that joins Oaxaca and the pacific coast, but all and all it was a great ride through beautiful mountain valleys and high passes.

Slowly the vegetation changed from pines to palms, we maintained good speed and landed in Zipolite just in time for cocktail hour. Indeed Zipolite is a relaxed place; The routine was implacable, and difficult to follow. The orders of the day required a significant decision making process. Since I am a process kind of guy; I did well for the next few days…

Swim in the pool? Go trashing in the wave?

Some breakfast,

Go back swimming,

Isn’t it about time for that first cold cerveza of the day?

-“Okaye” orale… otro taco the res por favor, pero con un poco mas de salsa picante.

-"No Taco for you Meeester, it's you time to cook tonight", says Jackie

-"Ok d'you got it babe, here comes the camarones, complimentary sunset included"

Ok, ok, it was not all fun and games. We also engaged in all the activities in “ing” like sleeping, tanning, walking, s---ing, f---ing... there was also some eating, and a bit of planning and routing.

There was also live football everynight

We followed Byron for a while

He took us here

And showed us this

And eventually this happened

Not everybody was working as hard as we were

Finally some well deserve R&R

There also was a fair amount of soul searching accomplished, and Adventureposeur, aka Steve, aka “& Co”. Decided that these past few weeks had been enough adventure, and opted to point his bike North and make his way back home, safe viaje Steve, thanks for the friendship and company, see you state-side.

… No problem for Jackie and Valentino, or for the readers of this here adventure, we’ll have plenty more to report in the coming months.

Tomorrow we leave for Chiapas and head to Palenque, and the Guatemalan border…

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