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Sure, why not?
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Nevermind. Here it it:

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BMW Motorrad Navigator V

(68.00 MB)

Change History

Changes made from version 2.20 to 2.50:

  • Enhanced transferring of tracks between the device and BaseCamp. The active track log is now written to a separate file titled CurrentTrackLog.gpx.
  • Fixed issue that could prevent the map from panning or following the vehicle position.
  • Fixed issues that could cause large portions of the map to be blank or prevent the route line from appearing.
  • Improved vehicle icon position in North Up view.
  • Fixed issues that could cause voice prompt to say incorrect street name or destination name.
  • Fixed issue preventing the unit from speaking when the user presses the speak button on the mount.
  • Fixed issue that caused locations sent over Smartphone Link to appear with an incorrect name in Trip Planner.
  • Fixed issue that could cause Roadside Assistance feature to display incorrect information.
  • Enhanced proximity alerts volume to match navigation volume.
  • Fixed issue that could cause media to play at a different volume when switching tracks.
  • Fixed issue causing media tracks to play in alphabetical order after rebooting the device when random mode is selected.
  • Fixed issue that allowed the device to handle phone calls without an available audio output.
  • Fixed issue that caused the microphone to be muted in a new call when it was muted at the end of the previous call.
  • Fixed issue that prevented the device from reconnecting to Smartphone Link on iPhone when the device was turned on.
  • Added an option to Trip Planner to delete multiple trips from a checklist.
  • Fixed issue that prevented third-party routes transferred to the device through BaseCamp from recalculating.
  • Improved fuel tracking when moving device between a LIN mount and a non-LIN mount.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Large Buttons keyboard to display letters in the incorrect case.
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