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Originally Posted by Motorcyclist View Post
This is going to get ugly quick. You can feel it.

NASCAR promoters are having attendance issues, many of the tracks are reducing their seating capacity and stock car teams are having trouble attracting sponsors. I'm sure the money flowing to the home office in Daytona is dwindling. If Jim France didn't pour money into the series in the good times, he is definitely not going to bankroll it in the current economic environment.

The next few months will tell the tale. There may be a lot of van-man operations, like the old days. At least the flat track guys won't notice much difference.

Maybe some of us on AdvRider should band together and purchase the title sponsor rights to the series. I'll throw $20 at it, a few others and we should be in business. Who's with me?
You can feel it...not good times for AMA roadracing.
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