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Over 35 years on the street, and I can not remember a close call.
Many times I could have had a close call or worse if I weas not paying attention, but no close calls.

Plenty of the usual changing lanes into me, running red lights, deer running out in front of me, but no close calls, because I saw it all coming in advance.

In this case, I would avoid that intersection, and I use my hearing (what is left of it) to locate cars. Quiet pipes save lives.
Sometimes, if its a bad intersection and I can not see, I will make a right and turn when its safe to do so.
Same in a car, if I can not see, I do not go.

I avoid some roads because its madness to ride a bike on them, and their is always another way to go, even if it adds a little time.
I never mind time on a bike, and do not want time in a hospital, that cuts into riding time.
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