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Originally Posted by tlmaffucci View Post
I've never changed a tube on a motorcycle before. What is the basic process? Just so I'm not lost when I have to do it myself. Is it really as hard as y'all make it sound? Is this a good tool for the job?

Should I also get a tire iron? Would this be sufficiant tools for the job.
read Neduro's thread

and yes that is a great tool to own if you have no tools at this moment and have not changed a tire. breaking a bead can often be on of the hardest things to do with some tire designs. you might want to add 1 more tire lever in the mix (that tool offers 2) as i found having 3 is key at times.

the biggest trick to mounting is to not pinch the tube by mistake (slightly inflate the tube so it does not fold on itself and wedge in the bead area or get nicked by a tire iron & use some baby powder) and to push the already mounted bead side of the tire down into the rim well (center dished area) so you gain length & room to finish mounting the tire bead onto the rim. those that have problems getting the last bit of tire on the rim often forget to push the opposite side of the tire bead into the well!

these help a ton out in the field - I use this one

biggest tip i can offer you: 1st practice changing tires at home!!!
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