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Originally Posted by Maximus64 View Post
Bad deal. I havent had a bag stolen yet but, I took a proactive approach. I bought 1/8" steel cable and crimps at the hardware store. Ran the cable through a nylon loop at the back of the bag and crimped it back on itself. made a loop in the other end and ran it under the seat to a seat post that the front seat snaps down on.
May not keep it from getting stolen but, thieves are gonna have to work at it. I also don't keep anything of much value in it.

Don't suppose that thieves might have a knife available do you? How much work would it be to cut that nylon strap ?

I just don't let the bike out of my sight if I can't take the stuff with me.
It's really limiting but I'm paranoid for a reason. I'll eat fast food and sit close to the door with a view of the bike etc.
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