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I didn't know John Galt rode a motorcycle.

Does this new equation factor in gearing ratios, oil viscosity and testicular fortitude? Do I need a power commander to get these stats?

Based on the fact that I ride off-road alone, in the sand, with incredibly little skill and even less talent, I am going to factor that my off-road time is about 99% according to your equation, once you factor in risk and pure awesome.

The rest of the time on the street is downgraded because it is shared with the same space as SUVs and minivans.

The time you spent in your example, riding with your buddy or with monolithic levels of self-described ability actually factor less than my time, because riding with a safety buddy is for wimps and the chances of me breaking my appendix in a fiery crash are exponentially higher and therefore more worthy of attracting chicks.

Where do chicks factor into your equation?
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