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Originally Posted by pepetrueba View Post
gents. any pictires of the carb vent floats hoses for the super enduro?
i checked the forum and they show 950 adventure 950 sm , how about the 950 enduro once you remove the epc and sas.

I ordered the sas block off plates. where do you get the plugs for the carburetor and rear airbox?
divaha's method looks like its the easiest but the pictures how he routed the breather are not show. again fron hose has to be 11" and rear 10" and why such lenght if both hoses are capped and zip tied to frame per
thsnks again all mighty orange forum
1) All of your questions can probably be answered through a review of - the all famous Orange Crush Hall of Wisdom. Drill into the carburettor & jetting or canisterectomy pages for this topic.
2) Go to a parts house and ask for hose plugs or caps. You'll find whatever selection you need there.
3) The vents remain open. (top front left on front carb and top rear right on the rear carb.) They are still vents. Do not cap them. Just feed them through to the space between the cylinders and forget about them.
Bob in Monterey
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