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About half of those and one more....

It's important to note this occurred on the last day my 18 year old son's first long weekend road ride with the crew.

We had spent a good weekend of spirited riding and 7 or so of the bikes and riders, including my son and I, were waiting for another 2 or so of the "peanut tank" and "I better fill up just in case" crowd to return. We were on the right shoulder of a rural Northern Michigan road with a steep ditch sloping down to the right.

I got bored and figured roosting up some dirt along the shoulder would be the funnest thing ever. At about my third "roost and back up", with everyone now watching because other than the passing rednecks I was the only entertainment, the leg of my riding pants gets caught on the right peg as I go to put it down.

There was little room for error to begin with here because of the steep bank of the ditch, but that quick catch of my pant leg was all it took to make hilarity and embarrassment ensue.

I can't get my right leg down in time to prevent the slow, inevitable fall to my right side. However, I do get my motorcross laden right foot down just in time for my right leg to be uninjured but perrmanently pinned between the sharply slanting ditch and the right foot peg of my full laden KLR650 (around 480lbs with a full tank and luggage for a full weekend of camping).

So, there I lay like a beached whale. I was pinned to the ground with self-escape not an option. I had to ready myself for help or wait or for the coyotes to arrive to end my fool's misery.

Fortunately, I had many "friends" standing by to help! Help they did, but not without standing around laughing at me for a good 10 minutes and then taking out their cameras to record my folly.

LESSON TO MY SON: After a long weekend of spirited riding the only fool to go down was the one that was showing off AND even then he was saved by good gear.
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