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Sounds like guilty until proven innocent, Mexican Law to me.
Used to be Japanese law - in a car / motorcycle crash .. the car driver was assumed at fault. Don't know if that is still in effect.

I'd think it would make people more inclined to pay attention to those vehicles rather than assume that they have right of way (or can take it) due to their bulk. Does not work with some.

There was a nice new volvo driver I saw here ... 6 lane road .. road signs indication fast lane closing due to road works .. they "merged" just after the dump truck ... said dump truck had a dog trailer on the back .. crunch. Truck continued on .. as did volvo driver .. The volvo had a smashed side mirror .. that I could see. Neither vehicle stopped. Volvo driver then drove over the orange cones on the road that marked the start of the road works and were there for the workers safety.. and then merged .. other drivers having now identified the errant driver as a FJHGDSREDuh so giving plenty of room .. volvo continued with several orange cones wedged under the front .. they were still there when I turned off some miles later. I can only assume that the volvo driver though everyone else should make way for them.

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