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I just added this to the website...

Gas Range
More is better

We have yet to finalize the routes for each stage, but we can give you an idea how it's looking as of right now (end of October). The longest stage may be approximately 220 miles (350km). We have plans to have a moto/quad mandatory "neutralized" 15 minute gas stop at approximately the half-way point. So, motos/quads need a gas range of something over 110 miles (177km). BUT, parts of each stage are in dunes, which require far more gas than normal. So, we feel you should have a standard gas range of at least 155 miles (250km) in order to make it 110 miles with some dunes and small navigation errors. As the routes are refined over the coming months, we'll update this gas range notice. So be sure to check back in here to see what the latest news is.

We expect 155 mile range may be more than some motos/quads can make. We're considering additional gas stops "on the clock" for those who can't make 155 miles.

For reference, Dakar moto/quad rules require 250km plus 20% range, which is 186 miles (300km).

UTV's, cars, and trucks, should be prepared to go the full length of the longest stage on one tank of gas. Considering the dunes, that means you should have a range of at least 310 miles. We expect that may be too far for some of you, so we're working on a plan to allow a mid-stage gas stop for you. This would not be a place where your crew would pit you. It would be manned by Diabolico personnel only, and race crews would not be allowed in the area. Since this is a standard cross-country rally, mid-stage pitting by crew is not allowed at all.
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