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Originally Posted by DAKEZ View Post
Same as the Daylight except you need to be hyper-vigilant for animals. (2 and 4 legged ones)

exactly. critters! deer especially. socal it's easy at times to almost forget about them when riding in the urbs or burbs... not so much out in the country but it's really nothing compared to northern cali or other places. seeing the eyes glowing at you or the deer standing on the side of the road is a bit un-nerving. dealt with it in cages before without any stress, (any multi-thousand pound steel beast with insurance will do) but its a big difference riding the bike cruising through the forests at night.

skipping the critters... it took a while to get used to riding the bike at night on the back roads, but I just dial it back a bit (ok at times substantially) and roll. other vehicles on the road don't concern me any more at night than day. perhaps even less so since we all have headlights on and therefore are a typically a bit more visable.
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