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Originally Posted by FloorPoor View Post
I dig the dragons! And the ride report too!

I'm a graphic artist, I just did a BIG job with (with help from a couple ladies who are much more talented than I) and I have not been paid yet , apparently the university is trying to stiff the contractors I did the work for, so we, in turn are getting the shaft. Do you ever have that problem with mural work?
Oh man, three months of work down the drain, that's brutal! I haven't had an opportunity to do a mural yet, I mostly do my own stuff or commission work for individuals. I ask for payment up front, so I haven't had to deal with that problem yet. Ugh! I hope that the contractors you did the work for had a written contract with the university? It'll be tied up in litigation but at least they'll eventually win.

The worst I tend to get is Endless Revision Request Hell. Not nearly as bad...
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