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from Saturday. fall foliage colors fully underway.... Open practice at Walden Playboys. Season is winding down, every time I go to a track as soon as I hear a bike pinned while airborne and realize it isn't someone out of control and a split second away from a massive endo it all sinks in. riding MX isn't what it used to be. while the bikes have progressed beyond belief they have carried the skill sets of todays riders to levels that were incomprehensible in the 70's to what today these riders consider normal. when the little bikes are flying further on jumps than the open bikes used to something has definitely changed.

all of these taken with the 70-200 lens with a 1.7 teleconverter on it. that means it increases the length of the lens by 1.7 but I don't know what that comes out to.....

ex B rider (but not for very long...) now A rider Schae Thomas from PA shows why he's an A rider...

on a 2 stroke.

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