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Originally Posted by Feyala View Post
Oh man, three months of work down the drain, that's brutal! I haven't had an opportunity to do a mural yet, I mostly do my own stuff or commission work for individuals. I ask for payment up front, so I haven't had to deal with that problem yet. Ugh! I hope that the contractors you did the work for had a written contract with the university? It'll be tied up in litigation but at least they'll eventually win.

The worst I tend to get is Endless Revision Request Hell. Not nearly as bad...

Fortunately the press release was incorrect about the time it took. I spent two weeks on the spartans, and two weeks on the rest of the game lines/stain and graphics. I got paid for the other part (as an employee), just not the mural portion, as I was working as a sub-contractor on that particular logo. Usually the stuff I do is giant "color by numbers" and I don't get to be very creative , even though I've done some pretty high profile, cool looking floors. The mural portion was a nice change (although the drawing we had to replicate was kinda lame) and I got to learn some new techniques from two very talented ladies. I hope they get paid soon.

Anyway, sorry to highjack your thread, I like your style. Back to the regularly scheduled program
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