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Originally Posted by watagans300exc View Post
Like most on here I suspect, I am a "Time Poor" rider and while I fully support any idea that adds a bit of mechanical sympathy to the drive line, these sprockets seem not entirely ideal. I just could not enjoy the ride thinking my sprocket my self destruct mid ride in the middle of but fuck nowhere.

I went with a RADMfg cush drive hub (Direct copy of a KTM unit only billet aluminium and prettier) and will stick with SuperSprox sprockets where I get over 14,000k per unit.

Keep going with the idea Ryan, it is a fantastic solution to an age old and expensive problem with adventure riders on non cush drive wheels.
Even though mine was worn to point of being able to move the 2 sections by hand, it could still be ridden just a little jerky.The busted rubbers are on the side that would be loaded by rolling off ,not driving.
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