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Last Friday almost as planned we rode from Mazatlan to Tequila where we met our friend who was actually expecting us on Thursday. The scenery was beautiful and the wife was able to snap some nice shots of the ride.

Turns out our friend spent all of Thursday in Tequila waiting for us. We felt bad but he felt fine because Tequila is a nice little town to wait in.
Once in Tequila we had a rest by this church and walked around a little before heading out towards Guadalajara.

I snapped a few pictures of a mural depicting the creation story of tequila or something like that, there is a lot to the mural after all:

That day our friend had run his 2001 Victory out of fuel and began to experience some difficulties with it. It would run ok but only at full throttle which obviously can be quite dangerous. We stopped just out of Tequila to see if the problem could be dealt with. We were carrying next to nothing for tools so we were lucky when a local riding a Harley stopped and was carrying.

Although we didn't get the issue fixed we did meet good people and were able to carry on into Guadalajara in a somewhat reckless fashion.
We spent most of Saturday messing with the broken bike, went on the tequila express to Amatitan on Sunday and spent the better part of this week messing with the scooter some more. Finally we chased the problem to the fuel pump and changed it out with one from auto zone.

Now it seems to be running fine. Yesterday we took it out in the city to make darn sure. We visited a seafood market, a basilica, and the Victory dealer here in Guadalajara. There was a real big rain but we managed to stay mostly dry. Saturday we're supposed to leave to head north again but I'm not starting a new thread despite the title of this one. The plan is still to ride back to AZ and meet up with friends before attending the Rocky Point Rally, after which we will ride back to AZ with our friends before turning around and riding back to Guadalajara because we spent all week fixing and didn't do much of the sight seeing that we had wanted to do.
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