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Originally Posted by 750Volts! View Post
I have never checked the valves on mine. I get 55 MPG on nearly every tank. I have never heard any valve train noise. (Not that I could hear it now with the aftermarket muffler) My bike has more power than ever before. I believe that gas mileage is a real serious indicator of whether the valves are within specs or not. I think if my gas mileage dropped below 50 MPG for say two or three tank fulls (and I wasn't getting gas in say Utah or Mexico) I would check the valves. With the stock exhaust you should be able to hear some valve chatter at hard acceleration.
Huh. Thanks for the input.

Here is another question for you. My bike seems to smell more than it used to on start up. Like an old pickup truck if you know what I mean. It is also idling a little rougher on start up. I'm guessing that it just needs a new spark plug and maybe the oil burning issue from going to work everyday at 80 mph is starting to affect the plug. Not sure why it would be fumey though. Maybe the fuel to air mixture needs to be adjusted?
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