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I also got to test ride both the std. and the R at the demo. Its a fantastic bike. Looking to replace my 06 1200GSAdv.

I noticed significant heat around the seat on the R but the std. was fine. Maybe the one piece R seat pan is closer to the engine and has less padding?

The other thing I noticed is that difference in seat height between the std. and R is not much. The R felt almost exactly the same height as my GSAdv which has a Sargent low seat.

My only minor nit is the turn signal switch. It has almost no play side-ways or for the push to cancel. Feels awkward but I am sure not a real problem.

Handling and performance is really good on the street. I am interested in the std. model as I also use it for commuting and have an RXV550 for off-road. In some ways, the 1190 reminded me of the RXV!
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