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Originally Posted by 1911fan View Post
I wouldn't want to piss off a horse. Bite on one end, kick on the other, and they outweigh me. A KLR, though, what's it going to do? Go 'meep-meep' with it's little horn?

Funny. When I was riding my horse, whether street or dirt, the motorcyclists always slowed and were careful when passing. My horse, Reno, was always fine with them. I think he heard them soon enough and wasn't surprised. On narrow trails he let them pass very closely without much concern. (Even let KLRs by)

Now the idiots (not all mountain bike riders are idiots, just dealing with the idiots here) on mountain bikes who came ripping down hill with out a sound or a warning were really risking injuring me (I'd hate to be part of a horse/rider roll over down the mountain side) and themselves (I suspect they wouldn't want to be sent flying down the side of the mountain with the aid of a little kick by an 800 pound horse). We had several close calls. The ones that gave a warning, I'd just stop Reno and we'd wait for their passage without any incident.
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