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Originally Posted by wannabe1 View Post
You know I always wanted a vintage or vintage looking bike. I have had all kinds of modern bikes through the years. I have always done my own basic maintenance. I was out kicking tires at one of my local dealers last week and noticed they had 2 leftover or maybe demo Royal Enfields both with low miles. One was an 07, the other an 04, both were priced less than $3K. I have researched these bikes a little and know they are vibey, low speed, non highway short distance bikes that require a good bit of maintenace to run properly. These are the cast iron barreled carburated bikes. I have read about the sprag clutch issues and know the e-start will not work for very long if used often so I would accept that it is a kick start only bike with the well documented starting procedure. What I don't want is a catastrophic failure of some kind and repair work that requires a dealer or more mechanical skills than I have.

I have considered Honda CB350s and some other Japanese vintage bikes but they just don't have that classic Brit bike look like the RE bullets have.
Yes I know I would be much better off with a modern reto like a triumph bonneville, but then the cost factor goes up.

What does the asylum say?

They are too much fun, they are too easy to maintain, its still to easy to find spares, people will stare at you when you pass by, give you jealous looks and - depending of the age - you may have to attend oldtimer shows.

I hope I managed to talk you out of it - mine is from 1966 and not for sale.

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