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I rode both at the demo in Mountain View, California (or is that dealership really in Sunnyvale?). Anyway, it was sunny and 70F and I noticed no abnormal heat, and found the instrumentation to be very readable. I did think the R and Std versions felt different in ways I would not have expected, so decided it was just bike-to-bike variation or setup. For me, the R seat seemed higher but seat to bar and peg distance seemed the same, bars were a reach on both bikes when standing. For a modern fuel-injected bike I thought fueling was excellent. I tried all modes. Rain is amazingly powerful (to me) and Street and Sport are off the charts. I rode the same route on each bike, and the R seemed a little plusher on than the Std on standard suspension mode, and the R also seemed to hold a line slightly better on the 270 degree onramps (picking nits here, both steered very nicely). Windscreen of the R set high and the std set low seemed about the same as far as coverage and buffeting.

This dealer has a standard demo unit .... it got damaged in shipping so I don't think they'll be offering rides till the parts come in a few weeks. The salesman said more revenue units would be here in Dec or Jan. Low pressure event and no problem taking multiple rides - thanks KTM!

Oh, the turn signal switch. It's gotten some flack in a few magazine articles, and it feels unlike any I've used. Short travel and hence not much tactile feedback. Several other riders in our test groups seemed to have trouble judging by the various erratic blinks I saw. I thought it was fine and had no problems, but I did have to glance at the indicator on the dash to confirm it was on. I'm sure I could get used to it very quickly. But that was probably the worst feature of the whole bike :)

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